Tonya Hancock for Metro Council District 9

Metro Councilor Tonya Hancock – Madison District 9


The following news coverage highlights a few of Councilor Tonya Hancock’s projects:

Here are some other Councilor Hancock accomplishments:

The only Metro Councilor to conduct multiple meetings every month, > 100 thus far
Monthly newsletter to inform and foster open communication (email to be added)
Successfully right-sized the Council benefits plan (after two previous Councils failed)
Formed the Veterans Caucus and made policy recommendations to the Mayor
Opened two pop-up COVID test sites in Madison - 2020
Fully Funded MNPS for Four Years in a row
Made MNPS Teachers the Highest Paid in the state
Budgeted for a new music room at Amqui Elementary
Increased the budget for Teacher Classroom Supplies
Ensured that every student has their own books
Supported the extension of Neelys Bend Road
Increased the length of sidewalks in District 9 by two miles
Added 6 streets to the traffic calming program
Conducted the first two Community Engagement re Police sessions in Metro Nashville
Evaluated the bike lane plan with MNPD and NDOT - via bicycle!
Arranged for the MNPD Mounted Patrol to relocate to Madison’s Peeler Park
Conducted quarterly cleanups
Stood up for neighborhoods when developers were not keeping neighborhoods first
Strategized to get Peeler Parks Pedestrian Path ranked #1 on the Council Priority List
The first council member to bring in a Spanish Speaker for invocation
Increased the Senior Tax Freeze income limits from $42,000 to $60,000
Negotiated with the State to double the length of eviction notice for seniors