About Tonya Hancock 

Ambassador Rubin, Major & Mrs Hancock 


Tonya Hancock comes from a military family that settled in Maryville, Tennessee. Raised and baptized in the First United Methodist Church of Maryville, Tennessee, Tonya was active in youth choir, bell choir, and several mission projects with Habitat for Humanity.  Tonya went to Maryville City Public Schools for elementary, middle and high school, followed by the University of Tennessee.  Tonya and her sister were the first two in the family to get a four year degree, in large part to their father working overtime in order to pay for it.

Tonya worked at the YMCA during high school, throughout college, and beyond.  While working full-time she put herself through school to earn her Masters Degree in Business Administration from Webster University.  With her MBA she was recruited by the South Carolina Department of Education to work as a Career Specialist, and from there Tonya spent fifteen years in education technology sales, earning the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics Service and Acheivement Award, and the Texas Instruments Total Performance Achievement Award.

Tonya met Robert Hancock in 1997, and in 2006 the Hancocks moved to Madison, very proud to call Madison home.  In 2014 the Hancock family was called to serve as diplomats to Bulgaria; Major Hancock was the Bilateral Affairs Officer for the Tennessee-Bulgaria State Partnership Program, and Tonya earned a position with the Department of State working in the Political / Economic section at the U.S. Embassy. Tonya obtained extensive experience interacting with many of our U.S. Federal Agencies and earned the U.S. Department of State Meritorious Honor Award.

Back at home in Madison, Tennessee, Tonya Hancock is now a commander’s spouse in addition to having a kindergartener in the Metro Nashville Public Schools.  Tonya volunteers at her son’s school and works part-time as a wholesale representative for Oiselle, a U.S. based, by women for women, athletic apparel company.  An active runner, Tonya is a member, volunteer, and board member of the Nashville Striders.  Tonya Hancock values a good education, safe neighborhoods, and open spaces like greenways to enjoy nature.  

Let’s work together to elect the first female Council Member for District 9!

Remember, I’m Tonya Hancock.  I don’t need your “John Hancock,” I need your vote!


Paid for by Tonya Hancock for Metro Council District 9 Campaign, Teresa Gann, Treasurer.