Tonya Hancock for Metro Council District 9

Thank you for your vote.

Improve Public Education

A good education is something all Americans should expect for their children, and I feel that the Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) has the opportunity to start our children out on the right foot.  I believe we need to work together to support our schools, give positive feedback as well as constructive advice, and volunteer when possible.  

Safe and Clean Neighborhoods

We all have the right to feel safe in our homes.  Our neighbors are our friends, and some are like family.   Let’s look out for each other, and look out for the community around us too.

Parks and Open Spaces

We are lucky in Madison to have one of Nashville’s best parks:  Peeler Park, and the greenways on it are due largely to the work of our former Councilperson Jim Forkum, first in 2007 on the original section, and then an expansion in 2012 with the addition of Taylor Farm.  With trails for runners, hikers, and horseback riders, the boat ramp and several overlooks allow beautiful views of the Cumberland River.  Our Madison Community Center, due to the work of our Councilperson Bill Pridemore, the Madison Little League and the school playgrounds – community resources are essential to the health and happiness of our neighborhood. 


I have the honor of being endorsed by:

The longest serving Nashville Sheriff Daron Hall.

The current and two former District 9 Council Members:

          Bill Pridemore, Jim Forkum (my Campaign Manager), and James Dillard.

The Fraternal Order of Police.

The Nashville Business Coalition.

SEIU Local 205, the labor union that represents public sector workers in Metro, including the Hospital Authority, NES, MDHA, MNPS, as well as the private sector such as Meharry Medical College and Lincoln College of Technology.

Women In Numbers:  Engaging, Encouraging, and Endorsing Women in Political Office.

I also have the honor of being voted in by you, my constituents.  You spoke overwhelmingly of your confidence in me, and I will work hard to live up to your expectations.


Paid for by Tonya Hancock for Metro Council District 9 Campaign, Teresa Gann, Treasurer.